DOT Medical Examiner Administrative Assistant (MEAA) Training

Key training for anyone providing administrative and/or clinical support for DOT Medical Examiners who are listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.
This training is On-Demand. You may learn at your own pace and return to review as often as you need within the 1 year of access. Valid for 1 MEAA only.
Training Type





< 1 Hour



What you will learn

  • The Role of the MEAA
  • How to register to become a MEAA on the NRCME website
  • Key administrative duties of the MEAA
  • Reporting requirements and how to report results of an exam
  • Distribution of exam forms and certificates
  • HIPAA and other Privacy requirements
  • Purging files, when and why.
  • MEAA or other clinical support staff keys during an exam.
  • What parts of the DOT Physical Exam may the MEAA or other Clinical Support Staff perform?
  • MEAA Do’s and Don’ts.

    Upon successfully completing this course, each MEAA will be provided with a "Certificate of Completion"


Dr. David Thorpe


Over 5000 Medical Examiners


Over 4000 DOT Physical Exams per Year
Meet the instructor

Dr. David Thorpe

Dr. David Thorpe is President of Pass My Physical and has worked in occupational medicine for over 30 years, was involved with the development of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME), and has trained greater than 5000 medical examiners to prepare them to sit for the NRCME certification examination. David is considered a DOT Medical subject matter expert. 

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